Pickup & Return Policy

Return / Exchange Policy & Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to your satisfaction first and foremost, and we want to help you have the best possible shopping experience. We recognize that sometimes an item may not meet your needs, was not what you had hoped for, or simply does not fit with your decor or space. All sales are final after delivery. Cancellations are subject to a 35% restocking fee NO EXCEPTIONS. 

If you have any questions about whether a product can be returned, please call us before ordering.

Damaged & Missing Parts
Through many years of experience, we have learned to package our products to withstand damage during shipping, avoid selling items easily damaged during shipping, and discontinue suppliers whose damage rate is too high. All items must be inspected at the time of pickup/delivery, if damage is shown at the time of pickup or if parts are missing, please notify us right away, parts will be shipped straight to the pickup location within 7-14 Business days of notifying us. We will work to help you get needed replacements as quickly as possible at no extra charge. We recommend purchasing a protection plan, the protection plan will cover all accidental coverage that may occur during your pickup/delivery.

  • Actual Damage on Pickup/Delivery
    You may refuse pickup/delivery if an item is actually damaged on the time of pickup/delivery. It will take an additional time for us to re-order the damaged item and ask for another 7-10 business days, we will notify you when a new one arrives. Please notify our corporate office (click here) and tell us what item and reason for the refusal , so we can anticipate that item to get exchanged ASAP.

  • If our product is assembled for you, make sure you closely inspect the product for any damage BEFORE you take or leave the pickup location. Again, if there is a problem, accept or refuse the item only on the time of pickup/delivery.

  • If you accepted a item/package and then discover parts are missing or damaged, do not discard the packaging. Please contact us right away and we will ship you the replacement parts at no extra charge.

  • Report any missing or damaged item/part within 48 hours of delivery, so do not delay. If we cannot replace parts, you will be asked to return the item to the same pickup location and ask for you to wait for a new one (7-10 Business Days will be needed).

In the case of a manufacturer's defect, we can replace the defective part, or if needed, the entire unit. We stand 100% behind our products and the manufacturers who produce them, and we will make every effort to resolve any problems.